With Robotic Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation) solutions, it finds the RPA suitable for our customers and automates the routine and repetitive processes of the companies and enables the company employees to turn to more effective processes.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

  • – Software that enables the automation of routine,repetitive and high volume jobs using a mouse andkeyboard.
  • – While software robots (RPA) can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure or systems, they play an important role in increasing your company’s productivity and controlling your costs.
  • – There is no need for your company to make an infrastructure change or system renewal.
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What can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) do?

  • – It can work with applications without integration.
  • – It can receive data from documents, PDFs, and scanned documents with OCR technology.
  • – It can connect as well as send and receive data with WebServices.
  • – It can connect to the database, receive data from the relevant tables, write or update it.
  • – It can exchange data between applications without requiring integration.
  • – It can read, understand and answer e-mails.
  • – It can move, read and delete files and folders.
  • – It can receive and enter data through internet pages.
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What are the advantages of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

  • – The benefits for your company can be seen very quickly.
  • – It provides a cost advantage.
  • – It can be integrated without making changes to the systems.
  • – It can work with all applications compatibly.
  • – It reduces your company’s costs.
  • – It works 100% error-free.
  • – It increases customer satisfaction.
  • – It creates scalable reports.
  • – It works 6-10 times faster than normal jobs.
  • – It provides added value.
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  • Botteq Consultancy
  • Botteq Consultancy
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Max 24 Hours of Operation
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Can work without interruption
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Can do a maximum of 2000 paperwork per day
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Works with robot accuracy
  • Botteq Consultancy
  • Botteq Consultancy
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Max 8 Hours of Operation
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Need for vacation and days off
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Can do up to 150 paperwork per day
  • Botteq Consultancy
    Works with human accuracy

Usage Areas of RPA

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– Credit Report Intelligence and Credit Reporting

– Preparation of End of Day, Monthly, Weekly, and Annual Reports

– Information entry and updating to the CRM system

– Collection Procedures

– Operation processes

– Senior management reporting processes

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– Control and management of expense forms

– Reading invoices, entering information into the accounting software used, and accounting of invoices

– Reading BA- BS Reports

– Making end-of-month and year-end reconciliations

– Issuing and calculating interest bills

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– Approval of SSI Reports

– SSI recruitment and dismissal procedures

– Calculation of payrolls

– Incentive transactions

– Incentive Calculations

– Transactions on the SSI page

– Automatic announcement mails

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– Control and correction of system alarms

– Delivery of system reports

– Test automation

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– While RPA repeats the movements of people, artificial intelligence simulates human intelligence together with machines.

– It is to make software robots think like human brains.

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